Beetroot Salad With Orange

Here I am in ‘Salad Season‘ facing a little problem: it’s raining cats & dogs and instead of feeling like eating a few light leaves I feel like eating a boar!

I bought some beetroot to juice but as the weather is so miserable this Spring (Autumn!), instead of using it for my morning juice I ended up cooking it to make a salad that felt a bit more consistent inside my stomach than a light mix of fresh lettuce.



Vinegar (I used apple vinegar but you could use any)

Cumin Seeds



Mustard Seeds

For the dressing:

2 tbsp of Honey

2 tbsp Vinegar

1 tbsp Olive Oil

1 tsp Mustard


I made my salad for two people so I cooked 2 small medium beetroot but you can increase all the quantities depending how many people you’re cooking for!

I washed and cooked the beetroot, wrapped it into kitchen foil and sprinkled with half of a glass of vinegar and a few pinches of cumin seeds.


The beetroot cooked for 20 minutes at 200°and then I opened the foil pack and let them chill before peeling them – of course I managed to burn my fingers as I’m madly impatient!

I peeled and sliced two oranges and covered a plate with the round orange slices.

While waiting for the beetroot to cool down I prepared the dressing by mixing all the ingredients together, I put the quantities I used but you should regulate according to your own taste!Honey sauce

Finally I sliced the beetroot very thin using one of my favourite kitchen tools to slice vegetables and I covered the orange layer with a layer of beetroot, added the rocket on one side and poured the sauce on top of everything.

I then sprinkled a few mustard seeds to decorate.

beetroot salad

I manage to leave the poor boar alone one more time!


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