Greedy London Bites V – Waffle & Ice Cream

There was a time during my first London year when I reached a point where I was fed up with any kind of food and I was working so hard – and feeling so miserable – that I went through a ‘waffle diet‘ phase!

I was sneaking out from work for my lunch break and walking to the Bond Street tube station to get my treat of the day: Waffle and ice cream!

I think it was winter though I couldn’t care less, I just really wanted my waffle with ice cream.

Almost 9 years after I was walking around in Oxford Street and I stepped in front of the Bond Street station and saw that the tiny waffle ‘healing’  place was still there, so I crossed the street to order one even if it was not lunch time or merenda time…there’s always time for a waffle with ice cream.

The place has changed and so has the ice cream but I grabbed one anyway with vanilla and cookies ice cream!


The waffle was so heavy that I couldn’t even finish it but it didn’t matter; I went back in time at the first bite and…I smiled and walked away ready to catch up with friends and a much, much better gastro pub dinner, truly relieved that I moved on with my life, away from the ‘blue waffle diet’ phase.

Still, I love waffles – maybe even more now.


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