Fleurs De Marie – Geneva -Switzerland

Quite often if someone arranges a meeting with you in Geneva they tend to propose Starbucks!

Because people are lazy, everybody knows it, there is one in the city centre – in any city centre! – and there is probably (when it works) wifi…and every time I try to hide my reaction (to what comes into my mind) when someone says: “let’s meet a Starbucks!”. OHH please let’s NOT, let’s meet anywhere else!

The food is horrible, the coffee even worse and the last time I ordered a matcha green tea, it was so sweet that I think I instantaneously got diabetes! (sugar inside green tea???Oh please!)

So, now that you all know how much I love Starbucks you can understand why I really like ‘Fleurs de Marie‘.

Fleurs de Marie

I recently went there for a meeting – I met someone from TED – and I thought let’s try to drive the meeting away from evil Starbucks. The people from TED are usually quite cool so I gave it a try and we found ourselves sitting in this very strange, cosy, colourful place just behind the Geneva gare!


It was a bit of an extreme place for a meeting, so you should know who you’re meeting before, but you can always go there for a coffee with friends, for brunch at the weekend or for a nice slice of cake.

The lady who runs the place is a very particular lady indeed and the place itself is like a fairy tale corner in the Grottes area.

There are a lot of colours – and a lot of pink! – every detail is very cute and when you walk into the bar from a grey day outside you really have the feeling of entering in Alice’s Wonderland and that the Mad Hatter is waiting for you with a cup of tea.

coffeecute corner

Everything is homemade and every cake looks like one you could have prepared at home and tastes delicious.

I had some rhubarb crumble and a fresh juice but I couldn’t take my eyes off an onion cake that looked like the onions had been turned into flowers. I will definitely be inspired!

rubharb crumblecake slection

The place is not always open so you should check the strange opening hours on their website just to make sure you don’t walk there for nothing.

It’s not the most affordable place in Geneva – neither is Starbucks here! – but it’s definitely a good place to keep in the diary, even more if it’s a sunny day and you can sit outside on the porch or if you’re planning to cook some mini cakes or muffins because they have a tiny colourful shopping corner.

shopping corner


One comment

  1. If you ever figure out what that onion cake looking this is, let me know. It looks like something worth trying to make.

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