Happy Birthday tkt

Time has passed and I didn’t even realize it.

Tkt’s first birthday went online quietly, with no birthday cake, with no candles, without me even realising it.

Birthday card

I can’t remember exactly when the first post went live; I can remember a lot of discussions about a possible name, about what I should post, in which language I should write and so on, but I’m bad with dates.

We have an unspoken rule at home: you should never remember the day someone dies – never stick it in your head, no matter what and why, you just should not! – but I’m madly bad with birthdays too, anniversaries, Mother’s Day (so confusing: it’s a different day in different countries!) and in this case, probably fearing a failure, I’ve been very careful not to stick a date into my head for the tkt launch.

So tkt was born in my tiny kitchen some day in May 2012.

I let the days pass by, one after another, always thinking I should have done something, a post, a great first birthday recipe.

What would have been special about me posting a recipe? Nothing really, I post them all the time.

I thought to take a few meaningful pictures around and create a puzzle post, no words, just images.

I wasn’t inspired enough.

But again, doing nothing was bothering me.

Finally tonight I decided I should at least write a few lines.

Me… writing and keeping it short…not sure about that either.

In the end it is simpler: what I should do is to say thank you to all of you, because you read and comment and sometimes – hopefully – try out my recipes!

Thanks to those pushed me to start this blog, thanks to my family and friends who read and, most of all, are happy to be my guinea pigs when I try out new ideas, thanks to my Seattle friends who I would have never ‘met’ if it wasn’t for tkt, thank you to Fae who is always keen to like my posts and that makes me very happy, but thanks also to everyone else who ‘spens’ one click on tkt, once or a hundred times.

I think all the visits are my tkt birthday present and for all of those I really have to thank you, to each of you.

Happy – belated – birthday tkt!



  1. Happy Birthday TKT…keep up the great work!

  2. Happy Birthday TKT… give us more! 😀

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