Light Stuffed Zucchini (and messy times)

It’s a strange time of my life, in the last few weeks I don’t recall eating at home very often and even less cooking something remarkable which I could have really, really posted!

I made an Oreo cheesecake for a friend that never had cheesecake before in her life and I even managed to get the double cream crazy while whipping it, so I had to restart! A nightmare, mostly because I was rushing! The recipe wasn’t mine: I took the it from another blog. I found it very good as it’s an easier version compared to the traditional one and you don’t have to cook it! (check it out).

Crushing Oreooreo cheesecake

I made a raspberry ‘pink marble’ cake as a last-minute breakfast treat – I had nothing at all in the cupboard and I hate eggs at breakfast! The Cake was gone before the day ended.

pink marble cake

I also baked a birthday cake but did it so quickly that I forgot to take any pics!

As you can read my head is spinning…away from the kitchen, lost in this nice happy Geneva summer!

But yesterday I pushed myself back into the kitchen and forced myself to cook something healthy and nice: I made a light version of stuffed courgettes!


A few rounded Courgettes

1-2 spoons Ricotta cheese

a few slice of Ham (leave it out for the veggy version)

1-2 spoons Parmesan cheese

Salt & white Pepper


1 Egg (I didn’t use it but it could definitely be a good idea to add one)

Basically you should boil the courgettes, but you have to be careful and not leave them into the water for too long; they shouldn’t get too soft because then they will turn into mush when you try to cut them.

When they’re cooked you can cut the top and use a spoon to empty the inside, making a ‘courgette container’!

rounded courgettescourgette containers

Take the pulp removed from the courgette and place it in a mixer with all the other ingredients and spin it!

Another option is to chop the ingredients and mix them so you have a more consistent stuffing mix.

Put everything back into the empty courgette, close it with the top you cut off before and sprinkle some parmesan on top.


Cook it into the oven for 15-20 mins at 180°!




  1. Beautiful zucchinis with delicious fillings! I’m looking for eggplants which would look beautiful like these zucchinis to stuff! 😀

    • hi Fae, I hope you can find them but you could also use other vegetables if you want to make more,same principle with potatoes -you boil them first- but you can also use peppers, onions….just they will not look the same as you might have to slice them instead.
      Send me a photos of the aubergines if you cook it 🙂

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