Quinoa Stuffed Peppers

When I saw these mini peppers in the shop I couldn’t resist: I had to buy them!

The excitement didn’t last too long as after they were comfortably accommodated inside my fridge and there they rested for a few days before I decided what to do with them.

The inspiration finally came when during an aperitivo I saw some spicy peppers stuffed with a tuna mix…


A few mini peppers – I would say 3-5 per person depending on size

A glass of Quinoa (for 3-5 peppers)

A piece of feta cheese – or a few feta cube in olive oil



Rocket to serve.

The recipe is super easy and honestly quite fast.

It happened that I had some feta cheese cubes in olive oil with some spices so I used those instead of normal feta cheese pieces but there is no big difference; in the end you just add more spices after rather than before.

Cut off the top part of each pepper and chop those pieces into smaller pieces that you will add to the stuffing.

getting ready

Prepare the quinoa and mix it with the chopped peppers, the oregano, the olives (sliced) and the feta cheese. If you like it a bit spicy you can also add some chili powder.

After putting the stuffing inside the peppers, place thems peppers standing on a baking tray, sprinkle some olive oil on top of each one and cook them in the oven at 180°C until the top looks crunchy and the peppers well cooked.

stuffin time!I prepared a rocket layer to accommodate – and eat with! –  my stuffed peppers!

It worked quite well because the peppers were sweet, the feta cheese quite salty and the rocket … how can I describe the rocket?! Bitter? Sharp? Oh …the rocket has its own character!!!

stuffed peppers!


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