Spekkoek – Layers and Layers…

My kitchen is too small – tiny to be precise – to attempt any cooking in this incredibly roasting Swiss summer but it doesn’t mean that I can’t try new delicious things!

I got this very special Dutch cake from a friend of mine directly from Holland and it has been brought and presented to me as ‘THE typical Dutch cake‘!

I just found out checking on Wiki that it is actually a Dutch-Indonesian layered cake…weird mix!

The Spekkoek cake is made of layers and layers of a mix of spices of cinnamon, clove, nutmeg and anise and…oh some egg-based super soft cake spongy layers.


I found the recipe on a very interesting blog called the Dutch table and this time I confess that I won’t even try to bake it: the idea of preparing up to 20 layers is something I’ll keep for winter Sundays when outside it will be snowing, the fireplace will be lit up and the house will smell like wood – now, considering that I do not have a fireplace, I might not be cooking Spekkoek for quite some times!

But if you are in Holland and you see this cake you should definitely try it because it is incredibly good; it also looks nice and cute with all its 20 stripes!

The only thing that I’m a bit confused about is the fact that for me cinnamon really smells like Xmas, so with the current heat I got perplexed at the first bite, but even the heat couldn’t stop me as the cake is quickly getting smaller and smaller inside my fridge…ehehhe

I also got a mould for special windmill cookies and this time I will definitely go back to Dutch recipes and bake Speculoos – that is indeed a Xmas cookie!

I can’t wait to use my super nice new wooden cookie stamp…I’m not patient – and I could courageously melt alive during the process – but I’m definitely not going to wait too long!

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  1. Definitely will try this…always looking for a good Dutch dessert recipe!

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