Greek Food…’Ah Tonight Let’s Eat Light…’

‘Tonight let’s eat light…’ is the sentence we repeated every day, over and over, during this Greek holiday and that’s something we never managed to follow!

Recently I’ve neglected tkt but ….hey, I was on holiday!!!!! I left with this great idea that I would take photos of Greek food, Greek restaurants and come back ready to write a lot of posts…ahem I decided I will write one post for all! I completely forgot to take notes…I was too busy having fun, spending time with the best friends of a life time, laughing about nothing and kite surfing!!!

I wrote down 3 really good addresses for eating out – and we did eat out every evening!!! – so I will share these with you and if you ever end up in Paros or in Mykonos you should try to eat there and most of all you should book in advance, unless you want to eat at midnight like us.

The first restaurant is in Naoussa – Paros, it’s called Yemeni and the owner Mr. Niko is the most unpleasant person I’ve ever met! He is rude and impolite, the waiters are not much better (except for a lovely blonde lady, very sweet). Despite the ‘warm welcome’, the food is very, very good and the place is always full; we even went back a second time to try some of the food we couldn’t manage to eat the first time!

The menu is full of traditional Greek dishes but slightly revisited and really well presented.

We loved the calamari stuffed with sundried tomatoes, octopus cooked in sweet red onions and red wine, honey lamb, a strange risotto with zucchini and greek cheese and Niko’s mother’s orange cake!

When we left the second time, Niko was slightly more kind…maybe he just needs to make sure that if he treats you like shit and you come back then you are a good customer…not sure…but if you want to try your luck and smile at him give it a go and let me know how it went.

Last tip: the Paros white wine was very good – I don’t drink so you have to trust my friends! – but make sure you check the price of the bottle as they have NO wine list – Niko IS the wine list! – so they kindly try to push you to choose expensive bottles when a 16€ one was definitely good and in line with the prices around…or already a bit pricey!

In Naoussa there is another very nice place where you can eat, but I can’t recall the name…my friends are saying it could be Mare Nostrum! It’s not far from Yemeni, just at the end of the road in front of a funky surfer-skaters-hipster shop…(Greeks all look like hipsters, don’t ask me why!).

This place is very relaxed and prices are good; the service here is brilliant, the guys working there are super friendly, always in a good mood and if you feel like asking them some tips for your holiday they will be more than happy to give you advice!

Food is very good – healthy?! – mostly salads and grilled meat…to be precise…a LOT of grilled meat as we messed up our order and ordered 4 mixed grilled instead of 2…I don’t know how they thought we could eat all of that – really!!!?

The third restaurant I would suggest is in Mykonos and it’s called Olla; we bumped into it randomly and we loved it! Apparently it’s very new, it opened not long ago and the owner has spent some time in Italy where he had another restaurant or somenthing…I’m not the chatty kind so my friend was telling me these things as she spoke for quite a long time with him.

The food again is Greek food – can I call it Greek fusion?! –  with a few nice interesting things to try that we didn’t find in other restaurants. My favourites was definitely the tomato-balls fried with yogurt sauce, cardamom and orange! But you can check their website for a better idea as they also use lavender, honey and more interesting ingredients!

There is one last thing I have to mention about Greek food – and it’s a Greek cliché – but you can’t leave Greece without your Tzaziki experience!

If you are in Greece you must order πίτα and τζατζίκι!

As soon as I can I’ll definitely try to make my own version and post it…I just need to recover a bit from the holiday before I start cooking again…

Thanks to my friends – old and new! – for the incredible good time!

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