Mushrooms and Potatoes – It’s Love!

One year, long, long ago, my grandfather was invited by the Mayor of a little village in the country side to go mushroom hunting in his private forest – it sounds so Middle Ages! – and I went with him!

I don’t remember much of the day, the forest was up on a hill, very high up, and I was even shorter than now!

What I remember was the insane quantity of mushrooms we could find and take home! We had fried mushrooms, cooked mushroom with potatoes, we made mushroom sauce, we filled jars and jars of mushrooms and we dried so many mushrooms that the countryside house was smelling like mushrooms for a very long time after.

Today was the first – miserable looking – autumn day, it was pouring rain, so I thought it would help me study more but I found myself staring out the bibliotheque window lazily as I knew there was not much to do outdoors. As soon as it stopped raining for a bit I couldn’t resist: I ran to the market, searching for my old mushroom man friend!

Here he was, starting the season gloriously with a stall full of mushrooms!

I didn’t buy many, just enough to make my dinner and enough to make my tine appartement smell like mushrooms too!

This dish is amazingly easy and incredibly delicious so if it’s autumn wherever you live and you can find porcini mushrooms -either in the forest or at your local market! – or another mushroom that you know is good then give it a try!


Porcini mushrooms (or other mushrooms that can be good cooked in the oven! I added a few mix mushrooms as well but all porcini definitely tastes better!)




Olive oil, salt, pepper

Potatoes getting readyyyycheating mushrooms!

Oil a baking tray and cover it with a layer of potatoes – I like when the potatoes are thin because they can cook quite fast and also get a bit crunchy!

Cover the layer of potatoes with a layer of mushrooms and sprinkle it with salt and olive oil, then cover everything with another layer of potatoes and another layer of mushrooms.


Add some garlic here and there too even if sometimes it can take away the mushroom taste a bit.

You can make as many layers as you want -I made two of potatoes and two of mushrooms, sprinkled the top layer again with salt, parsley and olive oil and cooked it in the oven at 180°C for a good 30 mins!ready + monkeyThe cooking time will vary depending on the number of layers, the thickness of the potatoes and so on, so just keep an eye on it as soon as you start smelling mushrooms in the kitchen.

mushrooms<3potatoesI made a mini tray and ate it all. It was nothing compared to what we ate that year with my family in the countryside – it was missing the joy of finding the mushrooms, the proud smile of eating what you searched for, even if that time it was an easy treasure hunt! – but even without all of that my small kitchen smelled like home.



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