I realised I’m always eating the same things! The supermarkets do not help; they sell always the same things, over and over!

In Switzerland I’m lucky as they try to push Swiss products and they vary a bit season by season but the margin is very small!

I’m enjoying this warm autumn hoping it will last long and it will not run into winter too fast!

In an autumnal mood, looking at the first leaves falling, I bought 3 nice peppers: a yellow one, an orange one and a red one!

Peppers!I cooked them together and made something I don’t eat very often – when do I ever have time to cook something for ages?!! – and enjoyed my quick version of a classic Italian dish.


3 Peppers – you can use more of everything!

1 red Onion

1 fist of Capers

1 fist of Olives

Salt, Olive oil, Oregano

Tomato paste

There is an amazing little trick you can do if you have a gas cooker: you switch on the fire and put the peppers directly on top of it; the skin will burn, you turn the pepper as many times as you need to burn all the skin, and then after you can wash the burned skin away under cold water.

Removing the skin makes the pepper more digestible and light – this is a quite heavy dish! so behave with the oil too.

I have an electric cooker so I kept the skin on my peppers – reminding myself not to be greedy after! – and cut them in big square  pieces.

I fried some olive oil, added the onion cut in thick rings, the peppers, the olives, the capers and some water with a spoon or two of tomato concentrate.

salty caperscooking

The peperonata should cook forever!

I had no time so I cooked it until the peppers were soft enough and ate it with some couscous!

There is an amazing sweet and sour version of this that I will cook next time as I completely forgot about it until I started cooking this one and I wondered why I didn’t cook the other one!

I was tempted to add vinegar and see if I could create a hybrid version between the two…it was an insane idea so next time, next version!



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