Fennel Risotto (Proving myself wrong!)

A friend of mine kept telling me how good some fennel risotto that he had was and I was quite surprised – and honestly sceptical! – so I thought that the best thing to do in the end  was to try it out!

I bought a few small pieces of fennel and I prepared a very creamy risotto and…I proved myself absolutely wrong as it was incredibly tasty!



Serves 2

300 gr risotto rice (100 gr of rice per person: I usually count by ‘rice fists’ one per person plus one every 2…)

3 small piece of fennel

125 ml double cream

1 vegetable stock cube

1 shallot

Olive oil


2-4 spoons of grated Parmesan cheese

A glass of white wine

I made the usual risotto soffritto, throwing the chopped shallot into some preheated olive oil, adding the stock cube and the white wine and stirring with a wooden spoon to let the wine evaporate, until the shallot gets a nice golden colour but is not burning.

In the meantime I boiled a kettle of water.

I sliced two of the small piece of fennel very thinly and added them to the soffritto, letting it cook and adding a bit of hot water.

Then I added the rice and cooked it, stirring and adding water whenever it was needed.

cooking...rice meets the double creamWhen the rice was almost ready I poured in the double cream and added two to four spoons of grated parmesan, and finished cooking it.

Before serving the rice, I sliced the last piece of fennel in very, very thin slices and decorated the plate with it; I finished by sprinkling everything with a mix of black, white and red pepper.

Nice! Nice! Nice! Unexpectedly nice!

fennel risotto

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