‘Facebook’ Potatoes

I confess: I saw an image of this on facebook and I wanted to try as it looked incredibly good and so easy!

It turned out to be good – not exactly what describe though – easy enough but you risk at least one of your fingers if you want to do it properly!

The main idea is to eat something like a thin, crispy, fried, chip with the difference being that it’s not fried and it’s not small either, because,  it’s a group of crisps all in one!




Olive oil

Herbs (I used Thyme but a mix is good too or rosemary is another lovely option)

new potatoesslicing carefully

Slice the potatoes with a very sharp knife as thin as you can but be very careful to keep the bottom of the potatoes untouched so, they will look like the one in my photo.

Sprinkle it with oil, salt and herbs and cook it until golden!

They will not be super crispy but very good anyway!

I used small new potatoes and I didn’t peel them, as I love the skin when they’re fresh; maybe if you do peel them and you use bigger potatoes, the slices will separate a bit more while cooking but I’m not too sure about it.

What is sure is that cutting these small potatoes was not much fun, but they looked incredibly cute so if you have guests and you’re planning ‘boring’ roasted potatoes this could be a nice creative option.


Facebook comes in handy sometimes….

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