Swiss meets Truffle!

Last weekend there was a truffle fair in the little town of Alba – well known for truffles!

I was lucky as I was in the area for a birthday party in a castle (I know, I know it sounds posh!)and I decided that a few Kilometers more were not going to make too much of a difference especially if I could reward myself with truffles!!!

Truffles in AlbaI bought myself 4 little black truffles – I didn’t see any white one to be honest, but apparently the weather has to be a bit colder for those precious strange things! – and I decided it was time to make the traditional Swiss dish meet the Alba truffle!




Olive oil – I had some truffle-perfumed oil


Salt & Pepper

truffle and kit

For the Swiss part I grated a potato to make a rosti layer that I cooked into my truffle oil making the potato bits crunchy.

Then I cooked two eggs on top of the rosti and when the eggs were done (I covered it as I like the white quite firm) I sliced a truffle very thinly on top of my eggs.

egg and rostiswiss and truffle

To slice my truffle I used a special truffle slicer that I wanted to use since when I got it as a present and I never had the chance!

I don’t know many recipes with truffles, just the basic ones (like this one) but I still have two small truffles to use for maybe another super classic…let’s see.

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