‘Buffalo’ Meets Veggies Cream

I wouldn’t really claim that is a recipe; maybe more like a tip on how to find a different use for a nice Buffalo mozzarella in winter.

I made a minestrone, literally meaning I chopped all the veggies I had in the fridge (1 shallot, 2 potatoes, 1 mini beetroot, a few pieces of celery, 3 carrots, a fistful of green peas…maybe something else I can’t remember too!) in big pieces cooked them in enough hot water just to cover them inside a pot and I added a stock cube (a herbs one as I like it a lot!).

Then I took my minipimer mixer, I splattered all of my kitchen while making my minestrone into a cream soup, and poured it into a bowl.

At this point it looked incredibly boring and I remembered I bought a few mini buffalo mozzarellas – I think you can slice a big one into it as well even if the mini once are quite cute!

I dropped one or two mini mozzarellas into my incredibly warm soup and I let them melt a bit:I loved it!

B&W veggies creamThis is my winter treat as mozzarella and tomato salad when it’s cold is really not tempting me anymore!

If you’re a soup lover like me you’re probably going to like it but if not…just cut some tomatoes to accompany you buffalo mozzarella, as it might be better…but still cold.

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