Alma Latina – Torino – Italy (Go For The City, Not For The Food)

When you go visit a new city you want to try the local food, or you should hopefully have this desire!

I had it. I really wanted to try Piemontese food but for some reason we ended up at a Mexican fusion restaurant called Alma Latina!

We regretted it as soon as we saw that our enchilada was madly deep-fried!

enciladaBut let’s take a step back as the place was nice – madly loud – and the people very incredibly kind!

I ordered my usual Mexican tortilla wrap and I was actually happy as a baby when I saw the little sauces that came with it and that I could assemble it myself!

wrap sauceschicken tortilla

My friend was braver than me and she ordered something cooked into cocoa powder and spiced in a very particular way. It was nice but I’m not sure I would order it twice. It came with banana chips and as I hate banana maybe I’m a bit biased on this point too.

cchocolate and BananaIf you have no expectations and you live in the area go for it, if you, like me, are playing the tourist go for something else!

I been amazed by the city and my disappointment the Mexican place honestly didn’t last long so the real advice this time is to go and visit Turin – it doesn’t really matter what you will eat in the end.

TurinTurin 2

One comment

  1. Despite of not being Italian, the food looks quite good 😀 But the city should be even better! Thanks for sharing!

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