Peach and Amaretti Verrine

Today I prepared a nice – and absolutely invented – last-minute pumpkin cake to bring over to a friend for brunch.You will not read about this recipe here. Today it was one of these days when nothing is going particularly well or particularly wrong, but still…today, it’s one of these days in which nothing makes much sense either and while I was walking in a freezing Geneva, I started feeling something terribly warm touching one of my legs; then I realised that the pumpkin hot cake I was carrying, had completely turned upside down inside its bag and started leaking all over my jacket and my trousers but, most of all, it looked terrible! The cake was all pushed to one side of the baking plate and the only thing I was managing to think was the fact that my trousers were quickly turning icy cold!

The cake and I got to the brunch. I managed to give it a kind of possible shape and it was eaten ’til the last bite. Worrying sometimes is absolutely unnecessary. It was this time. It will be many times to come.

So no pumpkin recipe, just a pumpkin story – to be honest the recipe was rather boring.

Something sweeter and easier to make, and that didn’t result in any particular accident, is today’s recipe: Peach and Amaretti verrine!


For 6 verrines

1 Egg

2 big spoons of Mascarpone

1 small can of peaches in syrup (truly not sure how they called in English!)

A fistful of Amaretti cookies

2-4 spoons of Sugar


Whip the white of the egg (a neve!) with a pinch of salt and put it aside. Inside another bowl mix the yolk with the sugar and after add the mascarpone; mix again. Pour one of the two creams into the other one and gently mix them together until you have a soft cream.

Cut the peaches in small pieces and put a few of them as the first bottom layer inside a small glass.

Crush the amaretti cookies in small pieces and cover the peaches with a layer of cookies.

amarettiPour a third layer of cream on the previous two and top it off with some amaretti powder to decorate your verrine!

If you make it a long time in advance, try to leave the amaretti in bigger pieces, as they will get soft absorbing a bit of juice from the peaches and a bit from the cream.

I used peaches in syrup because it is not peach season but I’m sure fresh peaches would be nice!

My grandma would have probably added some Porto poured on the peaches before adding everything else – it is a good idea, I’m just not a big alcohol fan.

peach <3 amaretti

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