TURNING TABLES: It means to turn plans of someone upside down and reverse the situation; by adding the word “kitchen” the idea it’s just to adapt the meaning to my world!

This blog will be in English and in Italian, this doesn’t mean that the blog will be actually translated in the two languages but that the two will coexists in some how together as they do in my daily life.

Some French may appear too here and there, so bear with me as the English will not be perfect and posh and the French will be tragic!

What will tkt talk about?

Eating in will be the recipes section: what I’m cooking and what other friends and people are cooking.

Eating Out will include reviews: a mini easy “Michelin guide” with photos and info.

Markets&Tips is supposed to be a reportage section of markets or fairs, shops tips…tips are just tips, (hopefully useful one!) and may include some products review!

Reading includes books and magazines that I may consult for recipes or that are just cool!

All the photos appearing on the blog are taken with my phone, so no photo retouch, things are just as you see them!

If you want to comment and add your thoughts feel free to write in the language that more suits you.


  1. Miki

    What about baci di dama???I need to learn…

  2. KATE

    Congratulation cugi! W tkt!!!!!!

  3. Well done, Cate! keep on cooking!:))

  4. Figo questo blog…devo leggerlo con calma appena riesco!!

  5. Cugi

    I would really receive some suggestion about Baci di Dama!!!
    Gnammi gnammi!!!!

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